Born and raised in New York, Scott has always had an eye for images. From disposable cameras as a child to more advanced digital technology today, photography was always a way for Scott to secure various moments of his life. Starting with his mothers Minolta and moving on to his own Olympus in high school, his father bought him a Nikon N50 SLR at the age of 17 to take a photography class. Throughout his years of college Scott continued to dabble, always taking a camera with him when he went out. It wasn’t until he was reintroduced to airshows in 2003 that he began to take a more serious interest in photography. Over the past few years Scott has progressively advanced his skills through both experience and the guidance of several fellow photographers. With the help of the airshow industry and various performers, Scott was able to expand his work. For the past nine years he has been a photojournalist with World Airshow News Magazine and has had dozens of articles published for the magazine. In addition, his photos have appeared in aviation marketing, airshow advertisements and magazine covers for PilotMag, Trade-A-Plane, ICAS, World Airshow News, Smithsonian Air & Space as well as published articles online via Fencecheck and NYCAviation.

Though aviation and aviation photography is his passion, Scott has also done portrait, wedding, and event photography by hire. It has taken him to different places in which he has met many inspiring and influential people. Perhaps most importantly, it reminds him to always look at things from a different perspective, ones that are often overlooked. Scott believes that the more engaged the photographer, the better the outcome despite diverse shooting conditions. He is a firm believer in hard work and looks forward to finding out where his work will take him in the future.

When not taking photos, Scott currently works on several grants in Psychiatry Research and has over eight years working in clinical child and adolescent psychology. In 2008 he returned to school to expand with a more medical based foundation in healthcare, working towards an RN/NP degree and currently works in pediatrics.
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